Photoshop Shadow Service

Photoshop shadow service is one of an essential Photo editing service for merchandise present. New Graphics Bangladesh(NGBD) are overconfident to work with some of the online world’s depending publishers, as we offering a lot of services that transform Photo from the commonplace into the unexpected quality for the fit webpage, catalogue, biodata etc. Normally drop shadow or original shadow, reflection shadow, natural shadow, is applied to product photographs, such as clothing items or pen, mobile, wallet, flat items, simple ring etc.

New Graphics Bangladesh (NGBD) skilled DTP operatives have years of experience optimizing images – whether online or in print media. We are familiar with it’s important to work with our clients to understand how you will deploy the images and can advise on the best types of shadow effect that can help convert images from flat and lifeless into something dynamic and glossy. New Graphics Bangladesh (NGBD) operative have a large range of image manipulation familiarity and can create the perfect shadow services for your images which will look 100% professional.

Description of Photoshop Shadow Services:

Drop Shadow:

Drop Shadow

Photo drop shadow can be created by using Photoshop filtering tools. A fake but real-life shadow can be created on the rear side of product at various angles and shadow opacity, the glow can be created. It is an economical service.

Original Shadow:

Drop Shadow

Now and then most of the products shadow may be dimmed because of photo shoot troubles or other many issues. As we got a result, the Image looks impractical. We have used our best resources with experience to rebuild the original shadow from these products in images.

Reflection Shadow:

Reflection Shadow

Now a day’s e-media use lot of tactic for increase fashion Reflection shadow is one of them which is added to such products which background outside plate reflects in floor area for the period of photography. Item is- glass material bottles, beauty products, medicine colour full products, different plastic bottle, ceramic items, electronic equipment like ovens, TVs, mobiles, etc.